Storage Tanks & Condensation Control

Storage Tanks & Condensation Control

To understand the benefits of our (Delta T Protective Products) "Ceramic Insulation" is to understand the Properties of the different coatings and observe a practical working Industrial Project.

Coating Properties to Observe

Insulation The coating material is extremely durable and a high quality, "heat barrier" reflecting 96% to 98% of all radiant heat.

Protection from UV Rays Provides protection against UV Rays as well as insulating.

Adhesion ASTM D-3359, a cross hatch adhesion test, resulted in a score of 100 % (the highest on a scale of 1 to 100).

Flame Resistant Can be applied directly to "hot" surfaces in a wide range of temperatures from 340F to 4000F without an operatations shut down.

Corrosion Protection Because the coating has no air pockets like other insulators, it impedes condensation, stops corrosion and has no loss of insulation properties when wet.

Condensation A 40 mil application of the "Ceramic Insulation" on a 38 deg. F. water line eliminated the condensation caused by the ambient temperature of 74 deg. F.

Chemical Resistance The "Ceramic Insulation Coating" "product" is 80%+ solid, single component based high density material, low in viscosity with high insulating properties and chemical resistance.

Chemical Content The laboratories reports that the "Ceramic Insulation Coatings" "product" as having 0 (zero) grams of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s}.

Temperature vs Thickness Test results have proven that one coat or 20 mil of Ceramic Insulation Coating “product” eliminates radiant heat and significantly reduces temperature (600 F to 800 F) on hot surfaces.