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    Is your metal roof causing your commercial business problems?  Whether it's leaking, rusting or other issues our experts can help provide a permeant solution to any metal roofing issue. If you're looking to properly restore and save your metal roof contact us today for a free consultation before replacing your businesses commercial roofing.

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Searching For Metal Roof Repair and Restoration?

Designed to stand up against even the harshest elements, metal roofing is often sought out for commercial businesses as it's a lot stronger and provides greater durability then other traditional roofing services. Despite it's commercial appeal often times metal roof contractors can make mistakes, install improperly, or have use poor materials resulting in expensive repairs, damages and more. At Delta T & Protective Products we have developed a state of the art solution for metal roofing through our proprietary ceramic coatings along with 25 years of experience.

We take great pride in providing a thourough restoration process and enjoy helping commercial businesses big and small. Before someone tells you your metal roof is beyond repair or you've had enough with expensive damages to your business, contact us and we'll be happy to give you a free consultation and options on how we can save your metal roofing in Calgary.

Throughout the restoration process you can expect the following:
  • Metal roofing services from contractors who take pride in their job.
  • A state of the art coating system designed to save and protect your roof throughout it's lifetime.
  • Knowledge from a company that's been in business for over 25 years.
  • Experience and ability to solve any problem thanks to having served in multiple environments throughout Western Canada.
  • Reliable commercial roofing contractors who provide a guarentee that the job will be done right.
  • Serving the greater Calgary area and Southern Alberta.

If you've been dealing with a faulty metal roofing system then contact the experts at Delta T & Protective Products and we'll be happy to provide you answer any questions you may have or provide a free consultation.

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Metal Roof Repair Solutions

If you've been in business long enough and in charge of managing a commercial business that has metal roofing you may have noticed over time leaks, rusting or other Calgary related weather damages.  It's designed to provide a long lasting, durable solution on commercial properties who use them but sometimes it breaks down through things like poor supplies or poor installation.  Once that happens metal roofs can cause more problems then they'll fix.

Used on a variety of commercial buildings in and around the Calgary area we've seen a variety of issues, some of the more common ones include:

  • Open Seams
  • Open Flashings
  • Oxidation
  • Improper Installation
  • Damage on Metal Panels
  • Counterflashing That Has Come loose
  • Fasteners That come Loose
  • Rusting

How Do You Fix Metal Roofing?

If you consider yourself a DIY'r there's probably a good chance that you've looked at temporary solutions like sprays and coatings from retail stores and while some of them may work it will most likely be a temporary fix and one that may cause more damage in the long run.  Through years of research we've developed a world class solution to fix almost every problem with metal roofing systems.

Throughout those 25 years we've come across multiple problems but we're quite confident we've developed a solution your business will be happy with.  Our ceramic coatings have held through even some of the harshest environments and we're so confident with it we provide a 100% guarantee (some conditions apply).

If your commercial property is suffering from leaks, rusting or expensive bills from heating/cooling then feel free to reach out to us by calling +1 855.790.9182 for a free consultation.

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About Calgary

The city of Calgary is Alberta's largest city and currently the third largest within the country of Canada.  One of the premier destinations to live Calgary currently sits just a short hour drive from the Canadian Rocky Mountains and has two rivers that run through it called the Bow River and the Elbow River. The city is one of the largest thanks to it's surrounding and thriving outlying communities.

Calgary has become one of the the best places to live in Western Canada thanks to it's close proximity to the mountains. It is home to the University of Calgary and was named after "Calgary" after the Isle of Mull. Alternatively it may also be named after a Gaelic word meaning "clear running water".

The city provides ample entertainment options and is home to multiple professional sports teams. It has become a hot source for some of Canada's best restaurants and even host one of the countries best zoo's at the Calgary zoo.

As temperature in Calgary can wildly fluctuate due to the proximity of the mountains it's important to have a reliable metal roofing system for your commercial business.