Compare Roof Systems

Compare and Discover the Benefits of Ceramic Insulation for Roofs

Conventional Single-Ply Systems

Single-Ply provides only a single line of protection between the elements and your building. There is a high potential for leaks at the many seams, flashings, and penetrations. Fasteners actually penetrate the roof deck and increase the potential for leakage. Gaps in the insulation boards and heat transfer through the fasteners compromises energy. Then, ballast adds up to 1000 lbs. per 100 sq .ft. in excess weight and makes it difficult to find leaks.

Fluid-applied Coatings

Polyurethane foam (PUF) and elastomer top coatings are fluids that form continuous seamless protection against leaks. The (PUF) system fills the cracks and holes around stacks, HVAC units and other penetrations, forming a monolithic membrane, which bonds 100% without mechanical fasteners. Since the system adds only 50 lbs.per 100 sq. ft. Of load, rock ballast is not required.

roof_remove_gravel(BUR) roof section (4000sq.ft.) demonstrates Phase 1 procedure in preparation of roof repair and retrofit, gravel removed for site inspection of roof failures, before installation of new application spray-applied urethane elastomer membrane.


roof_gravel_cleaning(BUR) roof section, gravel removed and pressure washed in preparation for installation of failed section repairs, and application of new spray-applied urethane elastomer topcoat membrane.
(Hotel-Edmonton, AB)


Roof Repair(BUR) roof section, built up tar and gravel removed, all failed sections repaired, and entire roof re-sealed with spray-applied urethane elastomer topcoat membrane.



Wembley A.B. Convenience StoreStep 1:
Remove all existing loose ballast by means of manual, or mechanical means, ensuring that existing membrane is free and clear of all dust, dirt, debris and whatever other particles that may be present on the surface that would impede positive adhesion of newly installed monolithic Delta T. roofing system membrane.

Step 2:
Install a spray applied, or roll on rubberizer primer type monolithic roofing membrane coating, such as roofing products distributed by Tremco, or other similar companies specializing in roof monolithic spray, or roll on prime coatings.

Step 3:
Spray apply CCC/ 100 Ceramic Insulation (2) coats in total, each individual coat @ 60 sq. ft. per gallon.

Step 4:
Each individual coat must be allowed to cure for 24 hours before applying finish coat, repeated Installation, same coverage as noted step # 3