PUF: Impervious to Failures

Choose the (PUF) Polyurethane Foam Roofing System with Confidence

Spray-in-place polyurethane foam (PUF) and fluid-applied elastomer top coating membranes are rapidly developing into the system of choice in both new and remedial roofing applications. This system forms a seamless, lightweight barrier that bonds 100 % to the substrate. The elastomer coating provides long-term protection from cyclic weathering, ultraviolet radiation, and mechanical damage.

Over 100 million sq.ft. installed

roof_ice_and_snowDuring the winter season in the northern hemisphere, heat naturally, travels from the warmer areas towards the colder outside (ambient) air, or in such instances where the roles are reversed, the same will occur. Metal roof (12,000sq.ft.) on an industrial building demonstrates results of heat loss due to inadequate insulation between roof girths and metal roof cladding. Spray-applied insulation was installed on the interior side of the building roof girths to eliminate heat loss radiated and transferred from interior to exterior roofing. Results proved successful in controlling snowmelt and ice damning. (Grande Prairie, AB)

Dead Air Pockets and Insulation Failure

Cool Roof - metal roof repairManufacturers and specifiers are still dealing with thermal loss (or gain) occurring at metal girders, purlins, and fasteners, the most common problem relating to blanket insulation installations. Builders estimate that 80% of all roof leaks and failures are actually condensation problems. Most metal building roof systems are the “screw down” type, directly fastened to the roof girders. These systems compress the insulation at the point of fastening, leaving virtually no insulation values. The result is radiant hear loss migration through the roof girders to the upper side of the metal roof cladding.