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    Is your structures metal roof leaking?  Learn how the experts at Delta T & Protective Products can restore your metal roof from damage and repair it to prevent any future damage.

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Want to learn how we will protect your metal roof in Edmonton ?

With our incredible proprietary ceramic coating our metal roof restoration system will completely seal and protect your current roof. To learn more click the button below.

Is Your Metal Roof Leaking?

Few metal roofing products provide the durability and strength like our restoration system. Metal roofs aren't indestrucitble but through our proprietary ceramic coating we've pretty much made them that way. Our restoration system is designed to completely seal and protect your metal roof from problems typically associated with screws, stack flashings, missing sealants, curb flashings and bad seams and overlaps.

If you've been the owner of a metal roof you may have had to deal with a leaking metal roof at one point, thankfully with the experts at Delta T Control we can help fix, repair and ultimately restore your roof so you'll never have to worry about leaks again.

Through our restoration processes we provide the following:
  • The best metal roof coatings for maximum leak protection.
  • A metal roofing company who has been in business for over 20 years!
  • Properly fix and seal any holes in a metal roof.
  • A local company near you who has served all over Western Canada.
  • Reliable commercial contractors with superior coating systems.

If you've waited long enough to provide a fix for your metal roof don't hesitate to reach out and contact the experts at Delta T, we'll provide you with a hassle free, no obligation consult to show how you can avoid replacing your current roof and extend the lifespan of your exisiting one.

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Metal Roof Restoration Photos

Poor Metal Roof Leakage
The black sections of this unrestored metal roof mark seams, fasteners and penetrations susceptible to leakage .
Rusted Fasteners Cause Water Leakage
Rusted fasteners and seams are the cause of multiple points of leakage on this dated metal roof.
Finished Metal Roof Properly Restored
This fully restored roof shows our seamless, 100% waterproof, ceramic coated membrane.
Fully Restored Metal Roof
This fully restored roof shows our seamless, 100% waterproof, ceramic coated membrane.