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Why Replace When You Can Restore

Our coating systems have been trusted by building owners for 50 years, we help stop leaks and help extend the life of your roof with an efficient, fast and economical alternative to roof removal and replacement.

Advantages of Delta T's System

Easy, one coat application

  • Enduris Coating System Provides Up to 30% Cost Savings
  • Works on Metal, Flat and Conventional Flat BUR & Torch on Systems
  • Primerless adhesion to most substrates
  • Best-in-class elongation
  • Superior UV resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Severe weather resistance
  • Unaffected by standing water
  • Ultra-low VOC
  • Versatile temperature application range: 0°-120° F
    (-17°C-49°C); call if substrate > 120°F (49°C)
  • Environmentally responsible; solvent free
Silicone Coating For Metal Roof Repair

"A brand we know we can trust, our expereince shows that Delta T's spray roof coating membranes deliver the results and cost savings expected."

Delta T & Protective Products Warranty

Up To 35 Years Available

Why Choose Delta T & Protective Products To Repair Your Roof?

  • Eliminate Tear Off & Reduce Land Fill For A Greener Future
  • Protect Critical Facilities For Decades
  • Fix & Repair Problems With Metal, Flat & Conventional Flat BUR & Torch on Systems
  • Reduce Energy Costs By 20%
  • Reduce Overall Roofing Capital Expenditures By Up To 35%
  • 35 Year Warranties

Roof Coating Colours


Advantages of Spray On Roof Coating Membranes, Such As Silicone, And Or Delta T Ceramic Insulation Roof Coating Membranes.

Significantly lightweight in comparison to conventional roofing systems.
Completely seamless and monolithic, with no joints or seams
Resistant to continuous ponding water
Resistant to UV Degradation
Reflects solar rays, reducing temperature fluctuations due to climate cycling variations
No to low maintenance required
Up to 35% installation cost saving in comparison to conventional Roofing Systems
Provides warranties up to 35 years at nominal cost per sq ft with yearly free inspections after installations.

Disadvantages of flat and low slope roofing systems, cause of failures to roofing systems such as tar & gravel, modified bitumen and concrete.

Generalized Specific To Conventional Roofing Systems
Termination points @ flashings where the roof membrane is interrupted.
Neglect in proper installation procedures, such as improperly cleaned substrate resulting in poor adhesion of the membrane, installations in inclement weather conditions or inadequate amount of mechanical fasteners to base materials.
Roof membrane joints or seams not properly sealed, causing wind uplift and tear off.
Continuous ponding water in low uneven surfaces
Foot traffic causing punctures to the membrane
Heavy snow loads greater than roof design capacities.
Coating Certifications

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