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Does your Metal Roof Need Restoration?

Metal roofing was designed to stand up to the harshest conditions. Compared to other roofing materials commercial providers use metal roofs to provide durability and strength. Unfortuantely when not properly installed this roofs can be broken down by the harsh Canadian weather. Thankfully having provided roofing services for the past 25+ years we're happy to have devloped a winning solution to any metal roof that needs repair.

Our restoration process is thorough and can help your commercial business by preventing you from replacing your metal roof entirely. Our metal roof contractors have developed a unique system through our proprietary ceramic coating system to ensure you never have an issue with any leaks, rusting or other Saskatoon weather related damages.

During our restoration process we provide the following:
  • Superior metal roofing services from expert contractors.
  • Metal roof coating that are an industry best thanks to years of research.
  • A company that has been in business for over 25 years.
  • We have worked and see all kinds of metal roofing problems having served all over Western Canada.
  • State of the art ceramic coating system to stop and prevent any future metal roofing problems from happening.
  • Reliable commercial roofing contractors with superior coating systems.
  • Reliable roofing service helping businesses of Saskatoon and the surrounding area.

If you're dealing with problems on your current roof then reach out to us at Delta T & Control and we'll provide you a no obligation consultation to help show you how we can help properly repair your metal roof.

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Metal Roof Repair Solutions

If you're in charge of managing a commercial business or building that has a standing seam metal roof system you may over time notice leaks, rusting or other Saskatoon related weather damage.  Metal roofing is designed to provide a long lasting and durable solution to commercial properitites but unfortuantly, either through improper installation or poor supplies, these metal roofs can break down.

Metal roof systems are used on a variety of commercial buildings and business owners can see common issues such as:

  • Open Seams
  • Open Flashings
  • Oxidation
  • Improper Installation
  • Damage on Metal Panels
  • Counterflashing That Has Come loose
  • Fasteners That come Loose
  • Rusting

What Can We Do To Fix Our Metal Roof?

If you're an avid DIY'r you can take a look at some temporary solutions like sprays and retail coatings but chances are they are just providing a temporary solution to an ongoing bigger problem.  At Delta T & Protective Products we've designed a state of the art solution to fix current problems and ones from happening.

During the course of our 25 years we've fine tuned our ceramic coatings to help fix and properly restore all metal roofing issues.  We're so confident in our approach to restoring metal roofs that we offer a 100% guarantee (some conditions apply).

If you're tired of leaks, rusting or high heating/cooling bills from improper installation on your commercial metal roof then contact us today by calling +1 855.790.9182 today for a free consultation.

Metal Roof Repair in Saskatoon

About Saskatoon

Saskatoon is currently the largest city in Saskatchewan and provides a cultural and economic hub for the province thanks in large part to it's location near the Trans-Canada Yellowhead Highway.  As of July the population has been estimated to be just under 300,00 people.

The city is home to the University of Saskatchewan and was named after the berry from the same name which is native to the region.  It's also nicknamed the Paris of Prairie and Bridge city due in part to it's eight river crossing (plus two more planned).

Ir you're a sports fan you will only be able to watch the professional lacrosse team the Saskatchewan Rush at the Sasktel Centre.  While they are the only professional sports team in Saskatoon you can catch major junior hockey (Saskatoon Blades) and many other minor league teams and sports.