Engineering Specifications

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Ceramic Insulation Data – Certified Laboratory Tests and Facts. Very important and proven information about our Ceramic Insulation Product. Great information on coating Tanks. Our product works best to insulate all steel products and is especially perfect for metal roofs and steel containers.

Ceramic Insulation Product Information – Practical information on using our products.

Testing of CCC100 Product – These tests with CCC100 Ceramic Insulation were done at our facilities. They were done to emphasize that our product only works as a radiant barrier and to show how important it is to understand how a Delta T works.

We have had so many inquiries over the years of rating our insulation product with a R-Value. This can’t be done reliably as our product is a radiant barrier and uses a different methodology than conventional mass insulation does to contain warm air. Thus another reason for these tests.

To interpret the results consult the next section or check out this Laymans scientific explanation of some of the thermodynamics involved with Ceramic Insulation.

In House Tests – This set of tests has conclusions and explanations for the charts produced from the results

DTC Rust Direct A Liquid Reinforced Coating – Industrial strength protection against rust. PDF file includes MSDS

ALBI CLAD 800 – Exterior Fireproofing application Manual

ALBI CLAD TF – Interior Fireproofing application Manual

ALBI DRICLAD – Underwriters Laboratories Listings

Project History – Find information on many of our Industrial Projects

Application Instructions – Product information on CCC100 Ceramic Insulation and useful application instructions.

Product Brochures

Ceramic Insulation
This PDF file contains our high quality printed Brochures in medium resolution. It is a 6 Meg download and takes about 2 minutes with a high speed connection.

Roofing Solutions
This PDF file contains our printed Brochures for Roofing Solutions in medium resolution. It is a 4 Meg download and takes about 2 minutes to download with a high speed connection.

DTC Rust Direct
This PDF file contains our printed Brochures for Rust Potection with DTC in medium resolution. It is a 1.8 Meg download and takes about 1 minute to download with a high speed connection.


Note to our dealers: We will provide the detailed Print Ready Brochures in Adobe Illustrator Format with your Dealer Information included. This file is ready for a Print shop production.

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