What To Do When Visiting Calgary, Alberta

If you are planning to go to Calgary, Alberta for your next holiday, you are definitely making the right choice. There are many places in the city where you can bring your family and friends to enjoy and experience something beyond the usual things they do when out on a holiday.
There are hefty of activities to do, and to give you few, check on the list:

Visiting Museums

There are many museums in the city where you can go to and visit. A lot of the museums have metal roofing we’ve helped with and each of their museums features different categories to let visitors explore and discover. To give you few of these museums, check on the list below:

The Military Museums

This is a museum where you can discover tragedies, sacrifices and victories of Canadian forces. This is indeed a place to let people of all ages educated and entertained about the history of the Canadian military. The museum is located at 4520 Crowchild Trail SW, Calgary, Alberta T2T 5J4, Canada.

Glenbow Museum

This art and history museum is located at 130 9 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 0P3, Canada. Art lovers, history buffs and pop culture passionate can definitely find something here. Explore great historical exhibitions and galleries of culture and art from all around the globe.

Gasoline Alley Museum

This is a place to visit by car enthusiasts. See great and pristine condition of cars on display plus some extraordinary collection of many gas pumps. Gasoline Art Museum is located at 1900 Heritage Dr WI Heritage Park, Calgary, Alberta T2V 2X3, Canada.

Calgary Shopping

What is not to love when shopping? This is indeed an activity mandatory to do not only by tourists but also residents of Calvary. There are many places in the city, and below is to name a few:

CF Chinook Centre

This is the largest shopping mall in Calgary you can visit. It has hefty of shops and retailers to choose from, and it also has a food court court and restaurants where you can feast after a great shopping experience. The shopping center is located at 6455 MacLeod Trail South, Calgary, AB T2H 0K8, Canada.

CORE Shopping Centre

Same as the CF Chinook Centre, only that this is smaller, CORE offers huge selection of shops and restaurants. Visiting here will definitely give you a shopping experience you sure would love. CORE is located at 324 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 222, Canada.

Enjoying the parks

Unlike other parks, parks in Calgary offer their guests with great activities to do, hiking, picnicking, sightseeing, playing sports and more. Below are just few of the many parks in Calgary you should visit.

Bowmont Park

This park features picnic tables, hiking trails, sports fields, playgrounds and areas for dogs. Bowmont Park is located at 85 St NW, Calgary, AB T3B 3P5, Canada.

Nose Hill Park

Located at 5620 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T3K 2P6, Canada. This famous park features tranquility and serenity to their guests. It also has abundant wildlife, archeological finds and hiking trails.
If you want a holiday that you and your family will remember for the rest of your life, then Calgary, Alberta indeed is the place to be.