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    In 2017 we set out to expand our message online and provide an easier way for businesses (and other customers) to find us online.  Our original website was wonderful with information but just wasn't generating the traffic we hoped it would from searchers outside of our geographic region.

    We started to work with a local company called Sixo Media in hopes of working out a plan to expand our geographic reach and provide our services in more markets then just Grande Prairie.

    It wasn't long before things started to take shape. Sixo Media started by recreating our website to what you see today. Some simple conversion rate optimization as well as adjustments to make our website more mobile friendly has made a positive impact on our visitor experience and conversions.

    Sixo Media built the website using the WordPress platform on their own cloud hosting solution to provide Delta T with a worry free website. We've been fortunate enough to work with them not just on our website but they've provided us with SEO services to enable us to rank our business in multiple cities across Western Canada.

    We highly recommend anyone or any business looking for improvement with their digital world to contact Sixo Media below.

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