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Sixo Agency, located in Grande Prairie, Alberta,  is a digital marketing company built for local businesses. They’ve helped numerous companies like ours to build their website and are excited about continuing work with our team!  Long overdue the Sixo team helped craft our brand’s website through the WordPress platform so that we could have the best possible online presence for everything we offer.  Sixo is here to help your company stand out in today’s digital world. They will design a website that meets the needs of both customers and employees with mobile-friendly websites, SEO marketing services for search engine visibility – all at competitive prices!

Your business deserves an online presence! Don’t just settle for anything. Your website can make or break you in today’s competitive digital landscape – and Sixo will take care of everything from designing websites that are mobile-friendly so more people find out about what you’re up to on their devices, through developing them when necessary (they help with both). They provide marketing services to ensure customers easily discover who they need instead of going straight for your competitors.

The Sixo team is here to help businesses big and small and have options designed for any business. Start small if you’re just beginning and work with them to build into a bigger brand!

Looking to get started?  Find them online today!
Sixo Agency

Sixo Agency
8682 122 Ave
Grande Prairie, AB
T8X 0P7
(587) 803-1819

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