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  • Spray Foam and Fire Protection Services in Grande Prairie & Western Canada

    Protect and insulate your structure with our fireproofing and spray foam services.

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Commercial & Industrial Fireproofing, Fire Stopping & Spray Foam

  • Fireproofing and Firestopping

    Our fire protection services include fireproofing for structural steel, wood, concrete, and other combustible substrates; and firestopping to prevent the spread of fire and smoke between units in commercial and retail spaces.

  • Spray Foam

    Of all the scopes of work we do, we’ve been spraying foam insulation the longest.  It’s an incredibly versatile method of insulating and protecting your structure or equipment.  

    • Insulate and seal interior walls, seams and penetrations
    • Insulate and seal your metal roof (Used with our CCC/100 Ceramic Coating)
    • Insulate and protect industrial equipment such as tanks, vessels & containers
    • Manage moisture & condensation