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    Based in Alberta Delta T & Protective Products is highly mobile and serves clients throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan & BC. 

Flat Roof Repair & Restoration

Is your flat roof leaking and in need of repair? We can stop the leakage and restore your roof completely. 

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Commercial & Industrial Flat Roof Repair

As flat roofs age and degrade they become susceptible to water collection, leakage and extreme weather damage.

  • Our Solutions:

  • Silicone Roof Seal

    Our silicone restorations system covers and seals your flat roof completely, protecting your surface against water collection and leakage, ultraviolet light and severe weather. 


  • Spray Foam Insulation + Silicone Roof Seal

    The same protective benefits of Silicone Roof Seal, plus a high R Value Insulation to combat extreme temperatures.