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    Trusted by building owners for 35 years, Delta T & Protective Products in Edmonton can help by stopping leaks and extending the life of your roof.  Our solutions our efficient, fast, economical and more importantly environmentally friendly to help reduce your carbon footprint.  Save thousands with our alternative to roof removal and replacement.

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Alberta Metal Roofing Solutions & Options

Let’s face it, the weather in Edmonton and Alberta can wreak havoc on homes and commercial buildings.  When high winds or snowstorms come through it’s not uncommon to see many roofs suffer and fail under distress and heavy accumulation of rain, snow or ice.  If this sounds like you you may want to consider what Delta T can provide you.

If you’ve got an aging metal roof you might be thinking that it’s time to replace it, but in fact through our simple solutions and coatings we can help save your roof and extend it’s lifespan.

Roof removal and replacement is time consuming and expensive.  With our Edmonton roofers we’ll properly examine the situation and then provide an actionable plan and explain how we can help fix your metal or flat roof from being further damaged.

Best of all, all our installations and coatings come with an excellent warranty of up to 35 years.  If that’s not enough by hiring us we can save you up to 35% compared to other traditional Edmonton repair companies.

We’re open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm so it’s easy to schedule a free consultation/estimate.  We work hard to provide a high customer satisfaction by providing superior work and services that help save you money.  All our employees are properly trained for your peace of mind and can assist you with:

Give us a call today at 587-400-7623 to speak to a representative in the Edmonton area or search for us in a location near you.  When it’s time save your roof let Delta T & protective Products show you what we can do.

Metal Roofing Edmonton

Repair Not Replace

Our free consult will provide a better solution. Chances are you won’t need to replace your roof simply repair it.

Protect Your Investment

Your business is your life, learn how our coatings can help protect your business and reduce your carbon footprint.

We Save You Money

Whether it’s from expensive repairs or a reduction in your HVAC bills our roof restorations will save you thousands.

Want to learn how we will save your roof in Edmonton ?

Through years of experience in incredible innovation in the industry we’ve been able to provide a solution to both flat and metal roofing so you can repair, not remove and replace. For all your metal roofing needs please contact us below.

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